Low Carb Paleo Sushi

Low Carb Paleo Sushi

I love Sushi just as much as all of you . Once I cut rice and soy sauce out of my life about one year ago I thought I could no longer indulge in my favorite foods. But I found some good substitutions that brought back the good old days. I can even go out to eat and get some Sashimi if I bring my own Coconut Amino’s “soy sauce” that is easily found in the Asian aisle at Whole Foods for $6. This recipe was so easy. I made it with some fish I already had in the house. You can use raw, cooked or smoked fish as long as it is wild. Just use your favorite veggies and make it a fun activity for all the cave people in your house. Warning for you perfectionist types: don’t over think it you can’t get this wrong.


1 package Seaweed wrappers
1 thinly sliced cucumber
1 cup cilantro leaves
1 large shredded carrot
1/4 cup kimchi (optional)
1 bunch clean green onions
1-2 thinly sliced ripe avocado’s
6 oz canned wild salmon or tuna, smoked salmon, or Sashimi grade (if raw cut in strips or small bite sized pieces)

1 bottle Coconut Amino’s, for serving


Just place seaweed on a plate and put all the ingredients you desire in one end about 1 inch wide. Wet the opposite end of the wrapper with a thin line of water. Closely squeeze all the ingredients into one end and start rolling. Keep it pressed tight as you roll. Then the empty end should stick and you will have a nice tight roll. If you put too much filling it may not work. You can use a bamboo sushi roller but I found that it did not help. It was better to use my hands to get a tight roll. It wont look as good as the ones with the rice but it will be tasty. Then use a sharp knife to cut into 4 pieces, stand on one end and arrange on plate. Serve with the Coconut amino’s when you have rolled all the pieces. This recipe serves 2-3

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