Grilled Asparagus & Sriracha (Toasted) Pecan Vinaigrette

The perfect low carb side dish for summer! I grilled the asparagus for this recipe, because it adds a nice smoky flavor.  It really isn’t crucial to the success of this recipe though, you can just as easily steam, blanch, roast, or even microwave the asparagus before tossing in the vinaigrette. Yield: 4 servings INGREDIENTS 1 lb fresh asparagus stalks, trimmed 1 tsp olive oil kosher salt to taste For the Vinaigrette 1/4 cup any light tasting oil (olive, avocado, grapeseed, etc.) 1 Tbl Sriracha sauce 2 tsp soy sauce 2 Tbl Rice Wine Vinegar 1 tsp granulated sugar free sweetener … Continue reading Grilled Asparagus & Sriracha (Toasted) Pecan Vinaigrette